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In Floor Radiant Heat

Various factors, including type of energy used for the system, type of floor and how the radiant floor heating is installed, define the functionality and efficiency of the system. If you are interested in installing in floor radiant heating, then our friendly heating technicians can help you decide what best fits the needs of your company.

Air-Heated Radiant Floors

These systems use air to pump heat through the floors in each room. The advantage of these systems is that they can be combined with solar air heating systems to save you money on your company’s energy bill. This is a good way to begin going “green”.

Electric Radiant Floors

Electric cables built into the floor can provide heat to the building. When using a concrete floor, like in a warehouse, this system can have significant advantages. It is also possible to charge the floor with heat during off-peak hours. This means, during the workday, there is no more need to run the system, saving you tons of money on your electric bill.

Hydronic Radiant Floors

These are the most popular systems because they are also the most cost-effective. These work by pumping hot water through tubing underneath the floor. You can regulate the temperature in each room by controlling the water flow from your boiler.

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