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Humidification System Installation

Most of us have experienced the dryness that comes with heating a building in winter. The air can get uncomfortable, even making your skin itchy and unhealthy. With modern technology, humidifiers can be hooked into your HVAC system to humidify the whole building.

Why Do I Need a Humidifier?

  • Protection of materials that are sensitive to dry air
  • Provide energy saving in the heating season
  • Occupants feel warmer at a cooler temperature
  • Creates a comfortable environment

American Comfort has been providing quality, commercial-grade HVAC products for years. Our well-trained technicians are respectful of your business and customize service to fit your needs. Our humidification systems are efficient, long-lasting and affordable. We offer our customers complete control over the humidity in their building without the danger of wet spots.

Types of Humidifiers

  • Drum Style – This low-cost solution works by rotating a drum through a pan of water attached to the furnace. Air passes through this moisturized drum.
  • Disc Wheel Style – This low maintenance option works much like a drum style, but instead of foam it uses porous plastic. In this case the disc wheel does not require replacing.
  • Bypass Flow-Through Style – In this case the pad is solid, and water is sprayed onto it before the air passes through. The water then evaporates and is carried through the building.
  • Spray Mist Type – This low cost option works by bringing water directly to an electric valve in the humidifier. Moisture is sprayed directly into the air supply.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service. Our heating technicians provide prompt, accurate installations and repairs for your HVAC systems, including all types of humidifiers. The comfort of your building is our first priority.

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