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Chiller Repair & Replacement

Chillers are more than just boxes. They are at the core of a good comfort system. Our HVAC installation specialists are trained to provide quality repair and installation service for the chiller in your commercial building. Our Elk Grove Village air conditioning contractor prides itself on uses the most energy-efficient brands on the market.

Benefits of a Chiller

  • Provide the right temperature based on the environment
  • Provide the right level of humidity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Chiller InstallationMinimize environmental impact

Trane Chillers

We are proud to use Trane as one of our many product suppliers. Trane provides some of the most energy-efficient chillers on the market. After decades of research and knowledge of the HVAC industry, Trane offers water chillers as well as several other types for numerous commercial applications. Their low emission chillers can save your company money while reducing its environmental impact.

HVAC Products

For chiller installation and repair, contact American Comfort at 847-403-7010.

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