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Air Conditioner Cleaning Services in Elk Grove Village, Itasca & Wood Dale, IL and the Surrounding Areas

It is crucial that your air conditioning system is in top shape during the warm spring and summer months. Our expert commercial air conditioning specialists complete Air Conditioner CleaningAir Conditioner Cleaning in Elk Grove Village, IL - SECCO Home Services Services in Elk Grove Village, Itasca & Wood Dale, IL. You can count on us to locate and solve any problems quickly, allowing everyone to stay cool and comfortable. For affordable efficiency year round, call us to schedule a complete air conditioner cleaning.

The 39 Point Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

  1. Go to thermostat – Set thermostat to cool and down to 60°F or as low as possible – Check unit to be sure it operates.
  2. Go to furnace or air handler – Turn off power.
  3. Get model and serial number of unit(s).
  4. Remove, replace, or clean filter.
  5. Oil blower motor – Remove if necessary to oil front bearing on direct drive motors and check belt if necessary.
  6. Reassemble and make sure blower door is in proper position and filter is installed correctly.
  7. Turn on power.
  8. Take amp reading with blower door in place.
  9. Inspect around refrigerant line for possible refrigerant leaks.
  10. Take temperature of return air and log on invoice.
  11. Take temperature of supply air and log on invoice.
  12. There must be at least a 15°F temperature difference (less than 22°F).
  13. Make sure everything is in order and area is clean – place sticker on furnace, proceed to condensing unit.
  14. Inspect condensing coil for excess dirt.
  15. Turn power off to condensing section.
  16. Remove panel to gain access to compressor compartment or electrical compartment.
  17. Attach refrigerant gauges.
  18. Attach amp meter to compressor common wire.
  19. Make sure no air is bypassing condensing coil by having access panel off of unit.
  20. Turn on power.
  21. Read amp draw of compressor.
  22. Take voltage of unit.
  23. Read amp draw of condenser fan motor.
  24. Read pressure on suction side of compressor.
  25. Read liquid line or discharge line pressure on compressor.
  26. Take entering air temperature of condensing coil.
  27. Take leaving air temperature of condensing coil.
  28. Turn power off.
  29. Wait until pressures equalize and remove gauges.
  30. Inspect all fittings for signs of oil and / or leakage.
  31. Make sure all Schraeder valve, packing glands, service valve caps, and Schraeder valve caps are tight.
  32. Oil condensing fan motor.
  33. Re-install all access panels and covers.
  34. Flush or wash condensing coils with water only.
  35. Always wash condensing coils at a 45° angle when using a spray nozzle.
  36. Make sure condenser fan motor has not become wet with water.
  37. Clean and wax metal where possible.
  38. Make sure area is clean.
  39. Turn on power to unit and make sure unit is running. Recheck area for cleanliness and apply stickers to unit.

Other Air Conditioning Services Offered:

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