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Furnaces are an essential part of your heating system. When it comes to repairing and installing furnaces, American Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning’s HVAC technicians are experts in the field. A furnace is generally, permanently installed in your building to provide heat through fluid movement. If this goes out during the winter, it can make your employees ill and uncomfortable. We offer repair service as well as maintenance plans to ensure that your furnace is up and running in no time.

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Furnace Installation

If your company’s furnace is older than 10 years it might be time to replace it. Older furnaces can cause discomfort as well as higher heating bills. Newer models are made with much higher efficiency ratings. Be sure to talk with our friendly heating contractors about the right choice for your business.

Commercial FurnaceTypes of Furnaces

  • Central Warm-Air Furnace: This includes space heating equipment that circulates warm air through the ducts which provide heat to the rooms in the building.
  • Forced-Air Furnace: In this instance a fan is used to force air through the ductwork.
  • Gravity Furnace: This relies on the natural flow of cold and war air. A circulation cycle causes hot air to rise into the ducts while cold air sinks back down to be reheated.
  • Variable Speed Furnaces
  • Multi-Stage Furnaces

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