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Zoning Control Systems

Have you noticed that certain spots in your office are colder or warmer than others? Oftentimes this is due to a lack of control options for your air conditioning system. Our Elk Grove Village heating and cooling specialists provide zone control as a solution to this problem. A zoning system does more than bring total customization to your air conditioning; it also cuts operational costs.

How Do Zoning Systems Work?

When installing a zoning system, generally, thermostats are put in designated locations around the building to create areas or “zones” that you can control separately. From there, ductwork is modified so that zone dampers can be wired to each zone. Furnaces and air conditioners will then operate in correspondence with what you request for each thermostat. We also offer programmable thermostats for this purpose. With a zoning system you can now have working, consistent air conditioning or heating in each area, or save money by setting certain areas to a different temperature when unoccupied.

Zoning SystemsTypes of Zoning Systems

  • Forced Air Zoning – These systems work using dampers in ductwork as described above. When not in use, the dampers close saving you money.
  • Hydronic Heating – Also known as radiant heating, this uses water and steam instead of air. This increases comfort by adding moisture to otherwise dry air.

Arzel Zoning Systems

Arzel is a leader in the zoning industry. The company’s research has led to the most up-to-date products including dampers of any size. Arzel also offers some of the best warranty coverage in the AC control industry. Panels are covered for 5 years while dampers are covered for 10 years. Companies choose Arzel because of their reliability.

All Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Services

Our air quality services include:

  • Zone heating solutions
  • Duct cleaning
  • Indoor air quality
  • UV lighting
  • Ventilation installation, repair & maintenance
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Air handler installation, repair & maintenance
  • Home heating and cooling assessments
  • Retrofit zoning
  • Zoning control for small duct, high velocity (SDHV) systems
  • …and more

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